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1/2 Smart Storage Food Container Set - Pantry Organization and Storage, Kitchen Canisters with Lids, Leak-Proof Pantry Storage Containers with Food-Grade Material & Stackable Design

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Key Features

  • Due to the stackable design and elegant appearance, this airtight container for food save space efficiently and keep the place organized
  • Made of food-grade materials
  • Convenient to operate by smart lock even with one hand. Coupled with the visible body of plastic containers for food storage, you can easily observe content inside.



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Product Details

Aside from the food wastage problem this world faces, there’s also a space wastage problem that goes unnoticed. Containers that go in your kitchen cupboard or cellar are usually uniformly sized, but your food quantities never are.

The result is a set of half-empty or nearly jars that still occupy the same space as the full ones, filling your cabinets with empty space rather than actual food. In comes the 1/2 Smart Storage System, an air-tight, telescopic jar that grows large or small tailoring itself exactly to the quantity of food you have.

This kitchen storage container with lids feature a great sealing performance, free from leaking even the liquids. Keep food fresh. Perform well whatever as pasta storage containers or flour sugar canisters sets for the kitchen

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