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Apricot Facial Scrub - 100% Natural Exfoliants - Great for Face and Body - Leaves Skin Smooth - Deeply Cleans Pores and Exfoliates for Clean, Smooth and Glowing Skin

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Key Features

  • Our face scrub deeply cleans pores and exfoliates for clean, smooth and glowing skin
  • We use delicious apricots grown in sunny destinations including California
  • Each dollop delivers a high exfoliation factor for fresh, glowing skin
  • Dermatologist tested. Paraben free. Non-Comedogenic (not tending to cause blocked pores)



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Product Details

A fine blend of fine grains and apricot extract for exfoliating and deep cleansing of the skin. Removes greasy and dead cells that dampen the natural skin tone. Rejuvenates the face by restoring its vigor.

Suitable for all skin types. It removes dirt, excess grease and residues unclogs the pores and kills the dead cells of the epidermis. Non-comedogenic. Cleans and tightens pores. It leaves the skin smooth and soft.

Apply on wet skin, gently massage with circular motions and then rinse with clean water. Apply 1 to 2 times a week.

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