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Bettystar Shito (Big)

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Key Features

• Shito is a very spicy traditional Ghanaian sauce

• The best companion for students and campers

• Add to your rice, banku or kenkey

• Fresh ingredients are used in the preparation of this delicious shito

• Enjoy your food with your family and friends with this shito by the side

• This shito is prepared under strict hygienic condition



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Product Details

Delicious Spicy sauce

Bettystar Shito goes really well with both fish and meat, and can be served as a side to most dishes.

Adds Flavor to your food

It can also be used for marinating or as a dressing, dip, spread or topping.Add flavor and moiture to your food with BettyStar shito. Sauces are an essential element in cuisines all over the world , and in Ghana, our best sauce is shito.

We love it with our breads, Rice dishes, Banku ,kenkey ,Gari and anything you can think of.

You can eat it with almost everything, but especially as a spicy addition to a cheeseboard with other chutneys.

Ingredients in Bettystar Shito:

500 ml (18fl oz) rapeseed oil

Red onions

Finely diced garlic cloves

Finely chopped guinea peppers

Ground fresh root ginger

Finely grated chopped thyme and rosemary leaves

Green kpakpo shito chillies

Dried chilli flakes

Tomato purée 1

Chilli powder

Ground prawn or shrimp powder

Sea salt

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