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Curling Sponge - Barber Hair Brush Sponge - Dreads Locking - Twist - Afro Curl - Coil - Wave – Hair Care Tool - Double sides design - Reasonable size – Reusable – Portable - Black

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Key Features

  • Works on a number of different natural hair types, but it generally works best on type 3 and 4 hair types.
  • Save money and time by using this great new styling product.
  • Breakage and other hair damage are mitigated by soft sponge material.
  • Great way to get dreads and twists.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reduces styling time significantly.



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Product Details

The curl sponge is a unisex sponge-like brush with textured holes that give the hair a finger-curled look in minutes. Finger coiling my hair can take up to a couple hours depending on my hair's length at the time, so that fact that this works in minutes is impressive.

Hair sponges work by firmly but gently rubbing the sponge on your hair using a circular motion to create twists, curls, or coils.

The holes in the sponge, coupled with your hand movement, create small twist within the hair. Using the hair sponge to create these twists is much faster than if you were doing it by hand.

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