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Drip Drop (An I Can Read Book): This Is an Amusing Story Written in Short – Rhythmic - Rhyming Sentences - Which Makes for Attractive Listening For 3 And 5-Year-Old Grandsons

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Key Features

  • It's raining, and Pip Squeak's roof is leaking. He tries to catch the water with pots, pans, cups, and cans -- he even tries using a shoe! But the drips and the drops just won't stop. What will Pip Squeak do?
  • "...It's hard to create a strong easy reader that works... but Pip Squeak has the muscle to carry it off." -- Kirkus Reviews
  • " an endearing character who gamely battles...with `Cat in the Hat' ingenuity... Readers can't help but smile..." -- School Library Journal



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Product Details

A leaky roof torments a sleepy mouse in this appealing I Can Read Book. Pip Squeak is just nodding off when a drop lands on his head. A well-placed teacup seems to solve the problem until another drop lands on his toes and another on his chin.

Soon he is racing back and forth with pots and pans, trying to stem the flood of water that's beginning to swirl around his pajamas. He's ready to give up just as the storm breaks and the leaks stop. His friends stop by ready to splash in puddles, but tired Pip Squeak goes back to bed.

In a few words per page, simple rhymes reminiscent of Dr. Seuss tell the funny, calamitous story. The language is appropriate for the youngest readers, while the animated illustrations make the story's action clear and fun to follow, picturing Pip Squeak's helpless war against the drips, before he finally settles to sleep, a dream wedge of cheese above his head. Gillian Engberg

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