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Food Storage Containers, BPA Free Plastic Cereal Containers with Easy Lock Lids, Airtight Easy to Buckle Seal Pot - Containers for Kitchen and Pantry Organization for Chips & Snacks

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Key Features

• Simply flip the ring to open or flip the ring down to lock and seal.

• Airtight food storage containers are BPA-free and safe for food storage.

• The crystal clear, highly transparent tank allows you to see the contents inside at a glance

• They are reusable, you can switch contents whenever you need them



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Product Details

These storage containers help organize your kitchen more efficiently. Stackable design makes use of space better than usual, which means efficient and convenient storage in various cabinets.

Airtight Design

When the clip on the lid is pushed down, the silicon seal inside the lid will draw the air to make airtightness for keeping the food dry and fresh by preventing food from moisture and bacteria. Great for spaghetti, flour, sugar, brown sugar, rice, grains, candy, cookie, pasta, Macaroni, Shells.


Airtight food storage containers are made of crystal-clear plastics for a premium look. You can identify the contents without opening them. The container can be easily opened by one hand due to airtight lid design

Easy to clean

You can clean storage containers thoroughly, simply take away the silicon attached along the lid of container and wash with soap and rinse with water. Cape the silicone around the lid again and seal back up to use again

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