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Henske Electric Citrus Juicer Machine with Grapefruit Squeezer Lid Rotation Squeezer for Oranges, Lemons – Durable – Quality Plastic Material –Compact and Convenient

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Key Features

  • Made of food-safe material not suitable for practical and long-term use
  • You only need to cut the lemon in half. Then slowly squeeze and rotate the top
  • Squeeze out all the juice. After use, rinse with water and hang upside down on the drying rack to dry.
  • Durable, elegant, practical, convenient and eco-friendly suitable for all families
  • Comes with a bowl in considerate size, convenient to hold the squeezed juice



out of stock
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Product Details


Our citrus hand juicer. Orange, Lemon, Lime Juice Squeezer. Multi-size designed to extract maximum juice, fully squeezing every lemon or lime, while 3-claw large reamer apply to extract orange and other bigger fruits.


This manual juicer container is upgraded with 1 cup (12oz) capacity, perfect for camping adventures. Measurement markings include cup, oz and ml, which conveniently helps you add juice into your delicious food exactly, perfect for fresh juice marinades, flavoring dishes, creating tasty mixed drinks and craft cocktails, and more.

Dishwasher Safe

Our citrus juicer is very easy to clean; it can be hassle-free clean in dishwasher top rack.

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