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iGLow One - Sollatek Solar Lantern with Integrated Solar Module and Phone Charger, Hurricane lamp, Survival kit lamp for Emergency - Fully recharged by sun in 8 hrs ( 96208010 )

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Key Features

• Main Lamp has 2 brightness settings

• Secondary reading Lamp with adjustable angle

• Dual way charging (by solar panel and charging unit through USB)

• 5 in 1 mobile charging cable provided

• It's strong enough for even the most rugged outdoor treks and an unbreakable lifetime LED

• The hook on the bottom of the base can hang the lantern upside down for interior lighting in your tent.



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Product Details

The Sollatek iGlow One is an economical and robust LED lantern with in-built solar panel and battery for ease of. It is ideal for all small scale off-grid applications.Relieve power outage boredom, light up the entire room to read, play cards, games or just chat with the family.

Last minute battery runs are a thing of the past - Pulsing location light so you'll never have to fumble around a dark house or campsite to find your light.

Water resistant plastic and rubber is professional grade and perfect as an indoor or outdoor lamp. Better output  and a hook to hang from a tent loop or under a car's hood. Say goodbye to only having one free hand to turn pages while reading or fixing things.

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