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Industrial Colour Coded Chopping Boards with Grid Design with Reference Guide, Reversible, Antibacterial, Eco-Friendly for Cutting Vegetables, Cheese, Butcher Block

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Key Features

  • A high density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet designed for consumer and industrial cutting board applications.
  • Boards have textured surfaces on both sides which prevents your knife from slipping or becoming dull.
  • The high-density mould creates a strong board that is more resilient to knife scratches and warping.
  • The HDPE boards are the most commonly used chopping boards in commercial kitchens thanks to their durability.
  • Non-absorbent

NOTE: Sold Individually for GHS 100.00. Buy The Complete Set Of 5 For GHS 500.00 And Get The Chopping Board Guide For Free!!!



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Product Details

In a professional kitchen where employees are particularly busy during peak periods, the last thing any worker thinks of is the three-stage cleaning process to reuse a chopping/cutting board. Who has time to wash, rinse and sanitize before using the board? 

That is why the use of colour-coded chopping boards for different food types is necessary to prevent the transfer of pathogens (germs) from raw food to ready-to-eat food. 

Colour coded chopping board sets are used in commercial kitchens to help employees quickly identify which chopping board to use for a specific food group.

The use of color-coded equipment is widely adopted in professional kitchens and even extends to other kitchen items such as knife sets and cleaning equipment. 

Made from high-quality HDPE, these boards are rigid and robust to provide a dependable surface for chopping.

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