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Joy Zomi (Palm Oil)(1Litre)

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Key Features

  • Joy Palm Oil is rich in natural compounds important for daily health and nutrition.
  • Palm Oil is a natural source of Carotenoids, Vitamin E, Anti-Oxidants and is Trans-Fatty Acids free.
  • It has Phytosterol which contains cholesterol-reducing compounds.
  • Use in your next dish for optimal taste and cultural flavor to your food.
  • This oil is semi-solid at room temperature. Put in a bowl of hot water to melt, do not put bottle on lit stove to melt oil.



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Product Details

100% Natural Red Palm Oil

Unrefined to Preserve Nutrients, Antioxidants, Fatty Acids, Vitamins, & That Rich Taste That You Only Get from Food Grown Without Harmful Chemicals

Hand Harvested & Pressed in Ghana

For That Deliciously Fresh, No After-Taste Yumminess. So Fresh has 3-Year Shelf Life, with NO Artificial Trans Fats. 100% Vegan. The sediment that you may see at the bottom of the bottle is a natural by-product of the traditional extraction process used in Ghana, West Africa. In terms of oil quality, this sediment indicates that the you are Purchasing Natural, Unrefined Palm Oil that was Freshly Packed and Bottled.

Embrace Healthy Cooking in an Ergonomic Bottle

Even if You Haven’t Tried This Exotic Ingredient Before. Even if Other Diets Have Let You down. And if a Part of You Worries Cooking Might Not be Your Forte. Palm Oil has a Freezing Point at 95-degree Fahrenheit and May Ship to You in Solid or Liquid Form. It Is Still Safe to Consume If It Is Liquid or Solid.

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