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More Profitable Than Gold: Less Capital Needed Kindle Edition – Attention to Farming in Africa – Cost of food Importation – Farmers Education – Lucrative Business

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Key Features

  • Guide to help you achieve great success in one of the best ventures on the planet
  • Know your plant spacing and harvest more food crops to feed your nation and become a successful farmer
  • The perfect planting cycle and the right time to plant your crops are more reliable ways to make it in the farming business.
  • Using the right equipment will help you make money from the little capital with less effort



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Product Details

The purpose of this book is to help the new generation of African entrepreneurs embrace the reality of achieving higher net profit margins through investing and participating in the business of farming where less capital is needed.

This phenomenon will facilitate the creation of jobs and birth an agribusiness eco-system that would create wealth and hence improve the livelihoods of many in Africa.

According to the African Development Bank (AfDB), food importation into Africa as at 2017, stood at $35 billion and it is estimated that this figure will hit a staggering figure of $110 billion by the year 2025, if we continue the current trend of importation without giving much attention to the business of farming.

These statistics are alarming and justifies the call for African governments to take farming more seriously. Even though there are other businesses that are also more profitable than gold, this book focuses primarily on the Horticulture side of Agribusiness.

This book will give any “wannabe farmer” the acute knowledge to be able to start and run a profitable farm with little capital.

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