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Nasco Split Inverter Air Conditioner -12000 Btu/h White Panel - Special Design -3 Meter Coil Inverter Compressor, Copper Condenser, Filter cleaning indicator - NASRHN1-12

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Key Features

• Reducing temperature and creating personal cooling space

• Humidifier and air purifier: Moistening and purifying surrounding air

• Low noise: quieter and more relaxing environment

• With all the cool factors, you can enjoy it in place like: dorm room, small bedroom, office/ Cubicle, and study room

• Unique shaped Design and Attractive Finish

• Stylish Mode Indicator Lights up Blue when used for Cooling and Orange when used for Heating



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Product Details

Nasco split inverter air conditioner-NASRHN1-12-12000 Btu/h offers cooling, heating, dehumidification, and ventilation. Quiet operation with Inverter technology which provide you with an efficient way to give your home or business a complete climate control. Package includes indoor wall unit, in door wall mount bracket, outdoor condenser, copper line set, and remote control.

Follow me remote control

Built-in proximity sensor in the remote adjusts cooling/heating temperature based on your distance from the AC unit. It offers a much better cooling/heating experience in areas central AC can’t reach. Simply leave remote near by, set temperature and enjoy. LCD backlit display on remote allows you to set all features on unit.

Inverter technology

Inverter operates at different capacities, making it the most efficient technology today. Unlike conventional systems, that regulates room temperatures running at the maximum capacity and then turning off completely, inverter technology eliminates these frequent starts/stops. The inverter compressor uses only enough power to reach the desired setting. Therefore achieving higher energy efficiency and consistent comfort levels.

Refrigerant Leakage Detection (Some Units)

The indoor unit will automatically display “EC” when the unit detects a leakage

Anti-Mildew (Some Units)

When the turning the unit from Cool, Auto (cool) or Dry mode,Nasco split inverter air conditioner-NASRHN1-12-12000 Btu/h will continue to operate at very low power to dry up condensed water and prevent mildew growth

Wifi Control (Some Units)

Wi-Fi control allows you to control your air-conditioner using your mobile phone and a Wi-Fi connection


  • White panel design
  • Inverter compressor: Yes
  • Copper compressor: Yes
  • Capacity (cooling, Horse Power): 2.5
  • Capacity (cooling, Btu/hr): 24,000
  • Optimal single blade: Yes
  • Air direction control (Up/Down): Auto
  • Air Direction control (Left/Right): Auto
  • Allergy care: Yes
  • Anti-bacteria: Yes
  • Smart Wi-Fi: No
  • Filter cleaning indicator: No
  • Indoor temp. cisplay: Yes
  • Display On/off: Yes
  • Beep On/Off: Yes
  • 24-Hour timer: Yes
  • Auto changeover: Yes
  • Auto restart: Yes
  • Turbo mode: Yes
  • Good sleep: Yes
  • Dehumidification: Yes
  • Fan mode: Yes
  • Quiet: Yes
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