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Please Wash Only Food Here Sign (8.27 x 5.83 inches)- Workplace Safety Signs for Public Kitchens, Restaurants, and Hospitals - Weather Resistant Long - Waterproof(8.27x5.83)

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Key Features

  • This Sign is made from high-grade flexible vinyl with an acrylic adhesive backing and an easy peel-off liner.
  • The Please Wash Only Food Here Sign comes in one size; 8.27 x 5.83 inches.
  • Simply peel off the liner and apply the self-adhesive sign to any flat and clean surface.
  • Signs can be used indoors or in outdoor sheltered locations. They are non-glare and moisture resistant.
  • No mounting kits or drilling required!



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Product Details

Do you get frustrated telling your employees to wash food in a designated food wash sink all the time? Don’t blame your workers if you catch them washing their hands in the food sink. 

They may not know which sink is for handwashing or which is for food only. Say it better with our “Please Wash Only Food Here” Sign. Try it! It works! 

These signs are small enough to fit directly above the Food Washing sink. 

Always remember that having different sinks for different activities reduces the risk of contaminating food.

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