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Production Records Labels (1.81 x 3.54 inches) - Authorized Personnel Only Sign, Long Lasting Weather/Fade Resistant – Waterproof, Safety Signs for Factories, Restaurants, and Hospitals(1.81 x 3.54)

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Key Features

• These labels are made from high-grade flexible vinyl with an acrylic adhesive backing and an easy peel-off liner.

• The Production Records Labels come in 1.81 x 3.54 inches.

• Simply peel off the liner and apply the self-adhesive sign to your records notebooks, files, etc.

• Ideal for both home & yard use and for professional businesses, our signs are carefully designed to look sleek, authoritative, and easy to read



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Product Details

The main reasons for keeping production records are to ensure that quality assurance procedures are in place and operating satisfactorily. Food safety management systems should be documented and records maintained proportional to the size of the business.

Records are important to demonstrate the system is being implemented satisfactorily and managed effectively.

Accurate completion of records also assists in utilizing the due diligence defence i.e. proving that your establishment takes reasonable care to ensure food safety. Do this in an organized and efficient manner.

Label all production records files or notebooks with our Production Records Labels. Even your auditors and clients will know you mean business!

They cover all operation records:

  • Raw Materials In-House Check
  • Packaging Materials In-House Checks
  • Finished Products In-House Checks
  • General Cleaning Records
  • Equipment Cleaning Records
  • Calibration and Temperature Monitoring Records
  • Pest Control and Waste Management Records
  • Consumer Complaints Records
  • Suppliers/Vendors Records

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