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Toshiba 330 LTRS Top Mount Refrigerator - Inverter Compressor - Hybrid Bio Deodorizer - Dual Cooling Zone - Double Door – No Frost - Cool Air Wrap - GR-A475UBZ-G(DS)

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Key Features

  • This Toshiba Refrigerator allows you to store food for a longer time. You can easily make ice cream at your home in the freezer.
  • Preserve fresh foods like meats, eggs, dairy products and green vegetables in this refrigerator to avoid spoilage.
  • Save a lot of money and manage energy efficiently.
  • Accurately regulate the temperature at which products are stored.



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Product Details

Inverter Technology

Saving energy is at the heart of Toshiba’s ethic. And when it comes to temperature, precision and consistency are key to freshness and longevity. Toshiba's Inverter Technology delivers the highest accuracy in temperature, taking into consideration factors such as usage patterns and loaded capacity. This helps not only maximize efficiency, but it also saves energy and minimizes food waste.

Hybrid Bio Deodorizer

Toshiba’s HYBRID BIO Deodorizer emits two catalysts, SN type + AG and A type, which help to decompose different odors and keep your food fresh and safe. The natural Silver (Ag) agent is also present in the Hybrid Bio Deodorizer to curb bacteria growth in the refrigerator.

Adjustable Door Pocket

Thanks to Toshiba's Adjustable Door Pocket innovation, you can rearrange your door boxes and pockets according to your needs, making for a more customized refrigerator experience.


  • Inverter Compressor
  • LED Hybrid Deodorizer
  • Cool Air Wrap
  • LED Bio Deodorizer
  • DUO Hybrid Deodorizer
  • Hybrid Bio Deodorizer
  • Hybrid Deodorizer
  • AG + Bio Deodoriser
  • ECO Mode
  • Storage Tray Cooling
  • Quick Freezing Mode
  • Adjustable Door Pocket
  • UV Fresh Guard
  • Ag+ Anti Bacteria Crisper
  • Compressor
  • Inverter
  • Utility Box
  • Dual Cooling Zone

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