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Toshiba 7.0kg Twin Tub – Top Load - Washing Machine - Ultra-Spin - Double Water Inlets - Rust Free Body – Drum Clean - Plastic Cassette Lint Filter - VH- J80WGH

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Key Features

  • The strong and durable washing machines features two tubs 1 for washing and 1 for spinning
  • The compact and lightweight design of this washing machine makes this ideal for places where space is limited
  • The wash cycle can run up to 15 minutes on either a soft or normal wash and the spin cycle can run up to 5 minutes which means the clothes can be washed for the time required
  • Simple to use simply add clothes, water and detergent and set the machine to wash. Once done give it a spin to try out and rinse through



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Product Details


Toshiba VH-J80WGH 7.0kg Twin top washing machine compact size is great for dorms, apartments, condos,and homes.

Wash and spin

This washing machine has good features for washing and for spinning. Easy access wash and spin dryer compartments mean you will have your clothes clean and dry in no time. This machine is ultra portable and simple to store away.

All that is required is access to a power supply, water, washing powder and a drainage area. Its simplicity of use means you will have clean clothes in no time at all. Simply fill the wash tub with water and washing powder, add cloths and wash for required time then transfer to the spin tub to spin and rinse.

Easy to use

Toshiba VH-J80WGH 7.0kg Twin top washing machine  is easy to operate, and powerful just fill with water and set the timer.

Bubble Soak Technology

With the touch of a button Bubble Soak technology helps remove a variety of stubborn stains. Clothes are thoroughly soaked in bubbles, so stains are loosened and removed effectively.

Speed Spray

Rinses clothes more powerfully and accelerates the spin speed to complete the washing in just 59 minutes.

Eco Bubble Technology

Save energy by washing the loads at cold wash using Eco Bubble Technology. Bubbles activate detergent, so it quickly penetrates fabric and removes dirt easily – even in cool water (15oC).


  • Ultra spin
  • Double water inlets
  • Rust free body
  • Drum Clean

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