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Do you need a pocket-size sanitizer spray for disinfecting your hands or surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, the office phone or the office AC remote control??

Are your kids going back to school? Fret not! Xanda Sanitizer Spray's got you.!! With these 70ml bottles containing 80% ethyl alcohol, you and your Lil angels are safe.

CONTAINS ETHYL ALCOHOL - Contains 80% ethyl alcohol

KILLS GERMS - Kills up to 99% of germs

SPRAY TOP - Has an easy-to-use spray bottle to quickly dispense sanitizer

GENTLE ON YOUR HANDS - Contains moisturizers that leave your hands soft


PORTABLE SIZE – Comes in 70ml bottles to enable you to carry it easily wherever you go; to the office, home, car, school, or other places where you need to clean your hands quickly or sanitize surfaces.

Comes in three (3) beautiful colors


Proudly made in Ghana

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