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Yomi Vanilla Plus 2litre

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Key Features

  • 2litre -Family Size 
  • Unique Vanilla flavor with wheat 
  • Low in fat and sugar for healthy living 
  • Rich in Vitamins, Protein, Fibre and Minerals 
  • Rich milk ingredient 
  • Creamy, Smooth, Tasty and Delicious



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Product Details

This is the Family Size of Yomi Vanilla Plus which gives you a new yummy experience with mixture of Vanilla Yomi yoghurt and whole wheat. Beyond providing essential nutrients like Calcium, Vitamins and richness in Protein, the wheat ingredient is a good source of fibre and minerals which enhances the proper functioning of the bones, muscles, heart, and brain.

Yomi Vanilla Plus is soft yet crunchy, mouth-watering with a unique experience of drinking whilst you chew some few seconds later to savour the real taste is awesome.

It is creamy, smooth, delicious and has a unique taste which gives you a great mouth feel. Made with rich ingredients for both children and adult.

Need the yoghurt with a unique taste and comparatively delicious, choose Yomi Yoghurt!

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